This previous Saturday I got a beautiful surprise, I was invited to visit the nearby wine festival. My fantastic friend had an extra ticket to a private chalet at the event, no significantly less. So I traded a residence filled with five young children (3 my boyfriend's, two the neighbors') for a soggy afternoon in the festival.

My friend's husband ended up going as well so we took her toddler along as well! It was a family affair. Now, in case you know me, you understand I adore "try ems." You realize, samples of food or drink. I use to strategy Saturday visits to Complete Foods in Austin on an empty stomach for the reason that there was certain to be a bounty of attempt ems. So I was delighted to try jalapeno peanuts, truffles, peppered salsa, cheese and meats and crackers. Oh yes, I was a delighted chick.

I mentioned it was soggy. You see, it had been raining fairly steadily for 3 days prior to (and through) the festival. At the park. In the grass, I mean, mud. replica patek philippe paypal The toddler and I had umbrellas which we made use of on and off. Plus the chalet was tented so we had the chance to sit and eat and drink and be dry.

We sampled very a handful of wines, although the lines were lengthy to get as much as the men and women pouring the wines. One of many far more intriguing issues I sampled was a "Chili Dog" wine. The very vivacious individual pouring the samples squirted a bit of spray cheese on each or our hands. We licked it off, then took our sip of wine and no joke, it tasted like a chili dog rolex submariner vintage . Why you would want a chili dog tasting wine is beyond me, but there, it exists. There was also a strawberry cheesecake, pear and a few other interesting wines.

Perhaps the coolest factor I saw was a wine that came in a guitar shaped bottle. The same corporation also had a Christmas tree shaped bottle. Fairly cool.

Wait no! The coolest factor I saw was a man in an Oklahoma State University ball cap. fake watches for sale I naturally gave him a gun sign and asked if he was a Cowboy. We talked about Stillwater. It was neat cheap patek philippe replica watches .

So, thank you , dear pal, for inviting me to commit an afternoon with you as well as your loved ones. I appreciate that small toddler so it was a bonus that she came along and I got to dance within a field within the rain with her.

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